One day while I was in line at the grocery store, I saw I had a crisp one dollar bill in my wallet.  I don’t buy lottery tickets often, but I do occasionally if I have a dollar or two on me.

Luck has never favored me much in my life but I had a feeling this dollar could be the lucky one. Or at least I hoped it’d be the dollar which would provide the change my life so desperately needed.

I did my shopping then purchased a ticket before heading home.

I tossed the ticket on the kitchen counter when I got home. That’s where it sat, buried under a pile of mail and forgotten for a few weeks until I was heading out the door for another shopping run.

For some reason, the ticket magically appeared on top of the pile. I had also found a couple of other tickets from weeks and months prior which had also gotten misplaced.

I took them to the customer service counter as soon as I arrived at the store. I checked each ticket one by one. Just as I had experienced many times prior in my life, the first message read NOT A WINNER.  I scanned the second ticket and yet again it read NOT A WINNER. But when I got to the third ticket, I saw a different message:


I was shocked.

Suddenly my mind was filled with excitement and relief because I wouldn’t have to worry about bills anymore.  I was soon to have a fancy new car and I could pay off my house. I could travel without having to wait in the cattle herd at the airport because I’d soon have access to a private jet. I could now stay in a hotel that doesn’t have a number in their name.

I didn’t scream or jump up and down. I just handed the ticket to the clerk and said “I think I won”.

He scanned the ticket which caused the machine to play the fun musical tune it plays when a ticket is a winner. He said “Yep, you won”.  This was my time.

He opened the register and started to count out some cash.

“Wait a minute.  I thought I had to go to the lottery office”

He said “No, I can pay it out here”.

He handed me $25.00 cash.

Many people would feel heartbroken at this point, maybe even upset.

Not me… I was still happy.

On that trip to the store, I had no money in my wallet. I took the $25.00 and walked off feeling like it was a million. I was happy because it was $25.00 more than I had before.

I did my shopping then took the groceries I needed to the cashier. The total with tax came to $23.48. Again, I was thrilled. I got all my groceries paid for AND I had $1.52 left over, which was again more than I had when I went in.

I was over the moon with excitement.

I stopped at the customer service desk on the way out to purchase another lottery ticket.

Perhaps I can be rich again when I find that ticket in a few weeks.

The moral of this story is to appreciate the small victories in life. You may not have the super large victory, but the little ones can have just as much value over time.