On 10/11/18, rapper and national village idiot Kanye West had a “working lunch” with President Trump to discuss critical issues affecting our nation.

For anyone who knows Kanye West, including White House staffers, this should have immediately raised a few red flags that something stupid was coming.

For whatever reason despite common sense saying otherwise, the meeting was allowed.

Just as expected, Kanye went on a ridiculous rant which couldn’t have been scripted by even the best TV sitcom writers. It was a sad day for America.

I’ve got no issue with someone being concerned about the state of the nation and wanting to do something about it, but this is Kanye West we’re talking about.

Am I expected to believe no one questioned Kanye ahead of time about what he’d blabber on about?

Am I expected to believe anyone in their right would have taken this seriously?

If this is the case, that person (or persons) who thought this was a good idea needs to be fired.

This was nothing more than a publicity stunt for a failing attention craved celebrity who blatantly wasted tax payer dollars. Kanye should be billed a fair cost to reimburse Americans for wasting the time of everyone who was in attendance at the White House and anyone who wasted a minute of their life watching his stupidity in the media (when I say “his” stupidity, I refer to both Kanye AND President Trump for allowing it to happen).

If it’s that easy to meet with President Trump to just have a random discussion about whatever comes to mind, I’d like to do the same. I doubt my conversation would be one worthy of Saturday Night Live material, but I’d love to share a pizza with the man in charge to discuss a few things.

Note: If you have any contacts in the White House I’d appreciate it if you could make my meeting happen. If I’m not going to get my tax money back that was wasted, maybe I can at least get a pizza with the President.