I decided to start a series titled “What’s Wrong with People”.


Because I’m tired of trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with people.

Maybe someone else has an answer.

I’d been thinking of doing a “stupid things people do” article for a while, but I’ve been sidetracked (shiny things, loud noises, squirrels, etc.).

In my last article, I mentioned some good information about fire safety week. Most people know fire is dangerous (or at least I hope so), but I had the honor of witnessing one of our society’s best examples of what NOT to do.

It was the inspiration and motivation I needed to kick off this article.

I was at a gas station getting gas (a crazy thing to do at a gas station, right?). There was a nice lady at the pump next to me who was putting gas into a portable gas can. Nothing uncommon about that, except for the fact she had a lit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

While that may sound like a stupid move, it gets better. After finishing fueling, the logic challenged woman was leaning down toward the can to put the cap back on, with the cigarette still dangling perilously above the can. I probably should’ve said something but I simply had to watch to see how this played out.

While some people might be alarmed by such behavior, I’m not. I’ve seen it all, plus a little more, so it takes quite a bit to alarm me. This was entertainment at it’s best.

After the initial death threat of her putting the gas cap on, she put the full can into the back seat of her car then threw her cigarette to the ground right next to the pump. Did I mention it was still lit?

That takes real genius.

But wait, there’s more!

As I stood there pondering the world and it’s special residents, she got back into the driver’s seat, proceeding to light another cigarette before driving off.

I just stood there watching, calmly waiting for the explosion which never came.

I’m sorry to admit it, but I was sort of hoping for an explosion.

I didn’t hope that because I’m a horrible person, nor do I wish bad things on people…         I just would have loved to have said a smart remark after like “smoking is bad for your health” (sorry – it was the best I came up with at the time).  Yes, I know I’m odd…

If you have a better pun, feel free to post it in the comments. 

Today may not have been her day to explode, but in time, nature has a funny way of reminding people of the choices we make.