This story isn’t really anything important. It’s just something I thought of while enjoying some fine dining recently.

I was in Wendy’s restaurant a few days ago. I saw they had a dollar deal on fries. When I was at the counter I told the cashier I’d like an order of fries. She asked me what size I wanted. I said “whatever the $1.00 size is”.

She said “they’re all a dollar”.

So, being the wise consumer I am, I said I’d take the biggest one. She again asked me “so you want a large?” I said “yes, if they’re a dollar”.

That raised a question for me.

I asked the lady if she often has people who don’t want the most product for their dollar.

She said “all the time”.

She told me “sometimes people don’t want a large because it’s too much”.

By “too much” I assumed she meant too many fries in the package, but no. She said “people think they cost more so they ask for a small”.

I asked her what size I’d get if I said I didn’t care. 

“Probably a small”.

While waiting for my fries, I asked her if she thought that was fair.

Her response was said with a giggle.


What does this story have to do with anything?

Absolutely nothing.

But if they’re going to offer $1.00 fries, maybe they should just do one size as not to wreak havoc on our already overwhelmed society…


First world problems…