If you love your job, you’re a rarity. If you’re not happy where you’re at, what are you doing to better yourself? Life is short. You deserve to be happy!

We’ve all heard the saying “you only live once”, but have you ever really put much thought into it?

We’re expected to work for more than half of our lives (even longer in some cases). We often spend more time at our jobs than at home with our families. We miss out on family gatherings, holidays, school events, church functions, and for that matter, life.

In many cases, we do this in jobs we don’t like.

If you have a job you love, you’re lucky. And, you’re a rarity. While most people will say their job is “okay”, they don’t really love it. When asked why they don’t do something else, they often feel they can’t do what they really want to do.

Everyone has their reason why they feel they’re stuck where they’re at. We have responsibilities. We have bills to pay. We have kids. We need to eat. Those are obvious reasons. But what about the other excuses? Maybe it’s education, maybe it’s a specialized skill. Maybe it’s just plain old fear because you’ve been where you’re at for so long.

Work is work. It’s not supposed to be “fun”.

Work isn’t going to always be all glitter, unicorns and rainbows, but you shouldn’t be unhappy with what you do. If you dread going in each day, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. We all need to make money, but we also deserve to be happy.

Chances are, whatever you dislike about your job isn’t going to change. YOU need to change. If you hate your job, find something you enjoy! Stop making yourself miserable and stop making excuses for why you should stay in a job you don’t like. 

“But if I suffer a little now, I’ll be rewarded later.”

Financial planners constantly tell us we need to plan for the future. “Retirement will be here before you know it” is something we often hear. Many feel stuck in their jobs because they are so so worried about the future. While it is important to prepare for the future, it’s also important to think about NOW.

Suffering away in a job you don’t like can have drastic effects on your health and mental wellness. Not being happy at work may seem trivial, but this can lead to long term depression and anxiety issues which can have serious medical complications associated with them. Stress, sleep issues, heart problems and other physical or emotional ailments can cut short your chances of actually making it to retirement.

Retirement is just a small piece of our life, IF we even make it that far. It’s important to remember we are never promised tomorrow. You should do your best to prepare for retirement by saving and having a plan, but you shouldn’t neglect yourself today.

Think about what you really want to be doing with your life. If it’s not what you’re doing now, make a plan to make it happen. You DO only live once, so shouldn’t be make making the best of it?

Find your happy.

Life is too short not to.