I’ve never been a hippie, but I feel myself turning into one more and more each day.  It’s not because I believe in peace and free love, but rather because of people who are too lazy to use a trash can.

Maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say I’m turning into into a true “hippie” (I mean no offense to hippies), but I am becoming much more aware of how far too many people are destroying our fragile world.

I was driving down the street recently when a person in the car in front of me apparently felt the road we were commuting on was the best place to dump trash.

First out the window came a convenience store coffee cup, with some coffee in it still. Next came a bag, though I’m not sure what was in it (it appeared to be something like a fast food bag). Then came a few napkins. I changed lanes as to avoid anymore flying trash. I was happy I did because another bag came out the window moments later. 

I sped up to pass the garbage spewing idiot. As I passed, I glanced over at him with a look of disgust. The nice man flipped me off, as if I were the one doing something wrong. 

I’ve never been a hippy, nor have I ever really put much thought into environmentalism, but I’ve never been one to litter. Not because it’s an eye sore (it is) or because it’s a sign of extreme laziness (it is), but because it’s just plain rude.

I’ve often looked around in disgust while stopped at highway off ramps. Piles of cigarettes, wrappers, cups, bags and everything else imaginable can be found there. I’ve been in some of the most remote pristine areas of nature only to find assorted trash blowing in the wind. 


It’s not like there are a lack of trash cans in the world.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving on a highway, cruising through a parking lot or just walking through your own neighborhood. We see trash everywhere.

Maybe some of it accidentally blows out of garbage trucks. Maybe some of it actually does come from overflowing trash cans. But more likely, the trash we see everywhere around us was probably just tossed out of someone’s window or dropped because they didn’t want to carry it around. 

The sad thing is, now that you’ve read this you’ll notice it even more.

I just don’t get it.

Can someone’s life really be so hindered by trash in their car they can’t wait until they arrive at their destination to dispose of it? Again, this is nothing more than rudeness.

If becoming more in tune with making the Earth, or at least my part of the world a better, cleaner place makes me a hippie, then so be it. If that’s the case, perhaps we need a few more hippies in the world.

If you’re a trash tosser, please stop being lazy and please stop being rude.

That’s that.