In a time where everyone is health conscious and on a budget, why would anyone eat anything other than pizza?

As much as I like pizza, I’ll admit I do like assorted fast food also. Back in the day, I used to enjoy hitting up a value deal once in a while for lunch because for $5.00 or less I could get a fairly filling quick meal for a decent price.

Now, it’s a different story.

I recently went to a certain McRestaurant which shall remain nameless after not having been there for a while. I looked at the menu with a feeling of shock and awe as I saw the recently raised prices. What used to be $5.00 or less has nearly doubled.

The average price of a “value” meal at the McRestaurant was $9.00, and that didn’t even include tax. Plus, it was for a “regular” size portion, aka, the “way too small of a portion” size. If I wanted to up size it to a large in order to make it a bit more filling, the cost goes up over ten dollars.

And what I usually order wasn’t even the most expensive meal. There were some where the base cost was over $10.00 to start with.

I’m sorry, but it’s hard for me to justify this.

For $10.00 I can go to pretty much any pizza restaurant and get a much better tasting, better quality, healthier meal that will not only fill me up, but quite possibly give me leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast or lunch, AND probably even give me some change back in my wallet.

Why wouldn’t you rather have a pizza?

Not all fast food chains are as expensive as the one I mentioned, but they’re close. And for the ones who are cheaper, well, you get what you pay for.

This also raises the question of how poor people can afford to eat fast food so much, as a typical family of four would be spending nearly $50.00 for lunch or dinner.

That’s sad.

It’s sad because it’s super expensive, but also because you’re still hungry after you eat it. And, there’s always the question of what it was you were actually eating. Was it really food or just processed garbage?

Pizza will never lead you astray.

For those who say pizza isn’t healthy either, I will argue this to the bitter end.

Pizza IS healthy if you do it right and if you eat in moderation. You get all your food groups, it’s fresher, and you have a variety of preparation options to choose from in order to conform to your lifestyle. 

Pizza will ALWAYS be better than fast food

I used to be willing to visit fast food restaurants once in a while to entertain my kids, but I feel I’ve failed as a parent by not doing what is right – I should only be taking them to pizza places. 

I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be dining on McCrap anymore. Please accept this as my formal apology for the money and time I’ve wasted when I should’ve been eating pizza.

Written by Marty