There are tons of articles out there on how you can get rich blogging. Everyone has advice on how to monetize, but there aren’t many articles telling how to NOT make money. Until now, that is.

Writing is therapeutic for me and it’s fun. I enjoy watching my thoughts turn into words for others to see. I like knowing someone may benefit from my “wisdom” or life experiences, whether it be a giggle, a thought I provoke or a genuine life change.

In other words, I write because I enjoy writing.

But there comes a point when that’s not good enough. At some point, everyone says “I wish I was getting paid for this” and I was no different. After writing for many years, I decided I should be getting paid for what I spend so much time doing. I didn’t have a ton of followers, but I felt it was time for me to up my game.

It was time for me to monetize my blog and website.

So I did.

I was very optimistic. I was even motivated. Most of all, I was excited because I was now going to get paid for doing what I  love. I set up all my ads, I redesigned my pages to make them more appealing and I of course had fabulous content which would draw in masses of readers to increase my ad revenue.

“Should I call my bank to let them know about the influx of money I’ll depositing?”

I was so ready for the money to start pouring down on me. But like so many others in my shoes, I did what many aspiring writers do…


The first month went by. I was so excited to open my report to see how much money I’d made. What would I spend it on? Would I need a financial advisor?

When I saw how much I made, I was blown away.

I made one cent in revenue. Yes, I said ONE cent, as in $0.01.

Okay, no problem. I just needed to get established. There must have been a glitch in the system or something. I wasn’t worried about it because it was my first month.

Another month went by. I anxiously opened the second month’s report. To my surprise, I was quite happy as I had drastically increased my revenue… I made THREE cents.

No hard feelings. It just needed more time.

Then the third month came and went. I knew this was my month. I had lots of views and even a few likes on my articles. Then (drum roll)… I looked at my report.


Elation doesn’t even begin to explain how it felt to be in the big leagues now.

The reality is, these small amounts of pocket change are what most bloggers can expect to make, if even that much, yet everyone is sold the dream of quitting their jobs to write.

It’s not to say you can’t make money blogging, because you can. You just need a huge number of followers and people actually have to look at what you right. Unfortunately, the average blogger will never have a large following, so therein lies the problem.

How does one get 50,000+ followers?

If I knew the answer, I probably wouldn’t be writing this article, but I do know the way NOT to make money is by doing nothing.

What’s a writer supposed to do?

Many people simply give up. This is obviously the wrong way. While I am discouraged with my performance thus far, I’m not going to quit. Maybe someday I’ll get lucky and break into the five or six digit follower club (I’d be happy with the three or four digit club right now), but in the meantime, I’m still going to write because it’s not about the money (or so I keep telling myself).

I learned I need to be more tactical with my BLOG because there is difference between your writing and your blog.

The blog is the brand and your writing is the product.

“If you build it they will come”, or so I thought.

I truly believed I could just sit back and let readers find me based only on what I wrote, but it doesn’t work that way. If you’re passive and unwilling to leave your comfort zone, you will NOT make any money EVER, even if you have the best content in the world.

I like to think I have good content, but if no one ever sees it, what good is it?

I am NOT a salesman, nor have I ever been, but I’ve learned I have to hustle if I want get ahead in the writing game. This means pushing me out of my comfort zone.

No hustle means no readers…

If you want to write just because you like seeing thoughts transformed into words, do nothing more than you’re already doing. But if you want money, even it’s a few cents, you have to take a leap and put yourself out there.

Hopefully sooner than later I can write an update article about how I gained a few more followers and upped my monthly income into DOUBLE digits…

Let’s hope.

Written by Marty