The only pizza company to ever deliver pizza in space was Pizza Hut, and we all know how that tastes. If your planet isn’t in the delivery zone, what would you do?

In 2001, Pizza Hut delivered pizza by rocket to residents of the International Space Station while orbiting the Earth.

If I was the astronaut who opened the hatch when it arrived, I know what I would’ve said. “Really? We haven’t had pizza in 6 months and you guys ordered Pizza Hut?”

Don’t get me wrong, Pizza Hut is okay, but I could think of much better options. In space you unfortunately don’t have that many options as Pizza Hut’s delivery area stops in low Earth orbit. If you live on another planet, that leaves no option but to pick it up yourself.

I believe that’s why there are so many UFO sightings.

Maybe their home planet doesn’t have any pizza places. Maybe they don’t like what they have where they live. We all know what it’s like to get sick of eating the same pizza, especially if it’s not that good. Sometimes you need a change.

There may be some races of aliens who are hell bent on destroying the Earth, but I think most are just looking for a good pizza joint.

People always ask why the Aliens don’t just make themselves known. The answer to that is simple. In terms of the universe, the Earth isn’t really the best of neighborhoods.

Think about a time when you were driving around in a sketchy part of town. You locked your doors and rolled up your windows. You didn’t stop out of fear of getting mugged or carjacked. They probably feel the same.

If you knew you were going to get kidnapped and probed for experimentation, would you stop in the bad part of the universe?

UFO Pizza Alien Space

Yet another thought to ponder, brought to you by Marty Augustine…

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