There are cookie and donut bakeries. There are cupcake bakeries and there are bakeries in grocery stores, but “mom and pop” corner bakeries of days past where you could get fresh, hot bread and rolls are becoming a rarity.

I love to eat fresh, hot rolls.

On Saturday mornings when I was a kid, my mom would bring me a bag of rolls from the bakery down the street. She’d toss it to me when she walked in the door. When I caught it, my happiness would double.

The bag that was usually still warm and steaming inside. It was pure heaven when I’d bite into the soft, fluffy dough. I could eat the bag all by myself in one sitting. But that doesn’t happen much anymore. Not because I don’t want to eat them, but because there are no real bread bakeries anywhere near me.

Here in Kansas City, where I live, there is no shortage of bakeries, but they only make fancy cupcakes and donuts of all shapes and size. Some sell bagels and birthday cakes, but it’s hard to find any that specialize in selling bread.

Every city and town used to have a little family run bakery. Then they started disappearing, leaving a void in the world of baked goods.

I suppose I could go to Walmart or the grocery store to get my “fresh” bread from the bakery there, but it’s not the same. Plus, I can’t get the kind of rolls that I want.

I love egg twist rolls and Parker House rolls.

Unless you grew up in New England like I did, you probably don’t know what these are, but let me tell you, they’re yummy. Unfortunately, you can’t find these rolls outside of New England. 

The closet thing I’ve found to a classic bread bakery near me is Panera, which is a chain restaurant. They make a wide variety of bagels, breads and rolls, but when I’ve asked about egg twist or Parker House rolls, I was met with blank stares.

Perhaps someday a bakery will open near me with what I need.

In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep the airlines in business with trips back to where I can stock up on the good stuff.

Do still have an old fashioned bread bakery in your town?