It’s time for us to unite as a nation so we can make shopping great again!

Let’s be honest.

We don’t go to Walmart because of the shopping deals.

We go for the entertainment.

People watching at Walmart is better than going to the circus. Getting groceries and other assorted wares at discount prices are just an added bonus of the visit. 

Despite the exquisite level of status Walmart has in our society, whenever someone mentions the place there is usually a long sigh followed by a comment like “I hate that place”.

Transition to comments about Donald Trump…

The response is often something similar.

But what if we combine the two.

How entertaining would that be?

What if Donald Trump worked for Walmart?

I think he WOULD make shopping great again…

He would build a wall around every Walmart.

The name of the store implies there is a wall, so duh… It’s a given!!! This wall would keep out the riff-raff. He would make people proud to be at Walmart knowing the undesirables were kept away. AND, Mexico is going to pay for it, so that means lower prices for everyone.

He would create jobs.

More jobs than you’ve ever seen. With these new jobs, maybe one of the new employees would be able to assist customers who need help finding something.

He would lower prices.

The prices would be so low you’d have to crawl on the floor to see them. They’d be lower than any prices anywhere. And if anybody tried to make theirs lower, he’d lower them again.

He could use Walmart ads to spread good cheer.

Have you ever seen a Walmart ad with fake news?

Ivanka Trump could dump her fancy fashion line for a new “American inspired” line of clothing for Walmart.

Tank tops and undersized spandex shorts for everyone! It’d be a win-win for all.

There are so many more ways this would be wonderful.

What other fun things do YOU think would happen if he worked there?

Use your imagination and share your thoughts in the comments.

Another random thought from the mind of Marty Augustine



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