How’s that for an eye catching headline? Some of the random things I say make for great dinner conversation, but what exactly is the premise behind my shenanigans?

“Did I ever tell you about the time…”

There was a short segment on the classic TV cartoon “Underdog” titled “The World of Commander McBragg” (it used to be on Bullwinkle too). At the beginning of many of the episodes, the Commander would start a conversation with the phrase “did I ever tell you about the time I…” before starting into some outlandish tale about his life.

I do the same thing.

I’m not a bragger, nor do I try to impress or “one up” somebody with my stories, but I do like attention. I also like to have fun with people.

To maximize my fun I sometimes drop a ridiculous comment that is totally random and completely unrelated to whatever the current topic of conversation is, usually at the most inappropriate times.

I will often inject a comment such as “did I ever tell you about the time I…”, followed by some odd statement, but then I’ll stop at that. The goal is to have everyone stop and immediately look at you.

The initial response after silence is usually something like “um, no, you never mentioned that”.

After dropping the odd comment bomb, I’ll leave my audience hanging further with “but that’s a story for another day” or “Oh, my bad. I shouldn’t have said anything”.

Lots of what I write is crazy, but the majority of it is factual. Occasionally I write some content that is obviously satirical, but the stories of my life are all true.

As a writer and entertainer, I get to tell stories which people don’t believe sometimes. In fact, it’s hard to believe many of the stories myself and I was there. That’s what’s the most fun about my blog. 

Granted, there are times as a writer with worsening memory issues when I have to stop and ask myself “did that really happen or did I imagine it”, but then I realize “yep, it really happened”.

I started my blog because I like to entertain.

Maybe you’ll read what I write and think “that’s stupid”, or maybe you’ll read it and think “wow”. Perhaps you’ll get a laugh, or perhaps you’ll be inspired by something I write. More so, I want you to read my blog and wonder what’s coming next.

So again I ask: Have I told you about the time I escaped from a Mexican prison?

I guess you’ll just have to follow me to find out the answers to this and other stories I post…

Until next time…

Marty Augustine


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