Despite the fact that I’ve lost my faith in humanity, I’m actually trying to find it again. If there is any left still…

Has humanity truly lost it’s way, or have I just lost my sense of positivity and hope?

I can’t watch the news anymore.

Partly because I can’t believe half of what they’re saying, but more so because I can’t stand seeing what they’re talking about.

It doesn’t matter what city, state or country you live in. Every day it’s the same stories of accidents, murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, drug overdoses or whatever outrageous crime of the day is occurring in your neighborhood. Then there’s the news of disaster, disease, war and terrorism around the world.

When they aren’t talking about those things, they run annoying stories about government corruption, public distrust and the other nonsense we call politics. What’s left in the newscast is pointless filler about celebrities doing and saying stupid things that have no relevance to anyone.

News is a reflection of what happens in society…

This is quite disturbing in itself, mainly because of the level of dysfunction our society has attained. The news IS a mirror of our world, and that’s pretty sad. It never fails to amaze me how many problems there are not just regionally or nationally, but in every one of our own backyards, regardless of your hometown.

On a recent visit to a local convenience store in a decent part of town, I had the pleasure of giving my children a first hand, close up look at what heroin addicts are. Why? Because they were doing what they do right in front of everyone. 

Do you think anybody cared?

People walked by just shaking their heads. Some laughed. Some made comments, but in general, nobody cared (Note: I brought it to the attention of the store manager, who removed them from the store after witnessing them shoplifting).

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

It really doesn’t matter where you live. These people are in your neighborhood too. And so are the porch pirates who steal packages from your house, and the burglars, and the people who routinely drive drunk, and the car thieves, and the domestic abusers, and the random assortment of other everyday criminals who live among us.

Lest we talk about violence? The affinity to shoot or stab someone isn’t limited to the big cities. Senseless violence happens everywhere, all the time. Too many people are quick to kill with no regard for the sanctity of life.

How can so many people show such a blatant disrespect for everyone else with total disregard for how they act. How do we deal with the related mental illness? How do we deal with people who have no morals or values? How do we deal with overwhelming greed and self consumed behaviors?

We’ve become a society of criminals. From the poorest person living in an alley to the most wealthy mansion dwellers, there is no divide. I guess when politicians, religious leaders, famous athletes and celebrities who are supposed to be role models set these examples for us, what more can we as a society expect?

People tell me I’m cynical and jaded.

Maybe so, but I’m also a realist. I call things as I see them. Our world is seriously messed up. The way I see it, our only true hope is a giant asteroid plowing into the Earth, causing us to restart the world from scratch.

A 2016 study found there are more than six million convicted felons in the United States. This amounts to about 2.5% of the total US population. Some studies say as much as 10% of any given population may be “bad”. Most numbers hover around about 1% – 3% being a fair percentage of those who may be criminals (across all races, ethnic backgrounds and ages) in any given population.

Whatever the numbers may be, why do the 1% always seem to be where I am? Why does such a small percentage draw so much attention to themselves? If it’s true that the majority of society consists of good people, why are there so many problems?

Can you imagine ONE day without crime? Too bad it’ll never happen.

Let’s put the crime numbers aside for a moment. What percentage of the population is just plain rude? What percentage of the population lacks proper social etiquette? What percentage lacks simple human decency?

I’m willing to bet the number is MUCH higher than 10%.

Just look at the news or social media. How many times do you see people witness car crashes, crimes, assaults, injuries or other incidents where rather than jumping in to help they just stand by making a videos with their phone.

This is disgusting.

How have we become so cold-hearted as a society that we stand by watching people die instead of helping? If more than 90% of the population is “good”, it’s time for them to step up.

How do we fix what is so far gone?

Until the asteroid hits, I’m seriously trying to change my outlook. I try to find the good in people, but it’s really hard. It’s like every time society takes one step forward, we take two back.

Rather than trying to figure out other people, I’m just trying to make myself a better person.

I try to do things which make someone’s day better. This won’t solve the all the world’s problems, but if more people did more good things, it would cause us remember the positive things in life rather than all the negative we experience every day. We have to learn to stop being selfish.

Help somebody.

It’s sad I even need to explain this. Assist someone in need. Even it’s something as simple as holding a door for someone, it’s more than most people are willing to do these days. If someone is seriously in need of help, put the phone down and step up.

Be nice.

Go back to the things you learned in kindergarten: Don’t take things that aren’t yours, don’t hurt other people, share, use please and thank you, be polite and respectful, don’t cheat and so on and so on. The old saying of “treat others how you want to be treated” applies here.

Look out for each other.

If you see something happening that’s not right (like say, a CRIME), do something about it! You may not want to personally get involved if it’s unsafe, but you can at least call the police. Think of how you’d feel if it were your stuff that your neighbors watched getting stolen. Again, stop thinking of yourself. Do something to make a positive difference for someone else.

Imagine a world where everyone was nice and looked out for each other.

That bad 1% is always going to be there, but so is the 99%. Math isn’t my strong point, but the last time I checked, 99 was still more than 1. We can push the 1% to the side, but it’s going to take everyone to do it.

It’s time to stop placing blame and pointing fingers at politicians, political parties, religions, race or nationality. We just need to look at ourselves, because each and every one of us is the problem.

Change starts with YOU (and me).

Make it happen.

Written by Marty Augustine


Marty Augustine - Writer, Author, Entetrtainer

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