It’s important to write for your intended audience, but don’t let your thoughts get in the way of creating what YOU want to create.

If you have something inside you that needs to get out, let it out!

Sometimes the thought of what other people will think can get in the way of you creating what you want to create. It’s something that is perfectly natural, but you shouldn’t let it affect you. I learned a long ago that you can’t please everyone.

The fact is, some people won’t like your writing just because they won’t like it. Maybe they aren’t interested in whatever topic you’re discussing. Some readers may be offended. Others may not care at all. Unless you’re taking a writing class or you’re getting paid to provide content for someone, don’t worry about them. 

Write what you want to write!

You may have noticed I have a wide variety of articles posted on my page. I do this because I write what I want to write. It’s MY page. If you’re a writer or artist, create what makes you happy. If someone doesn’t like your work, they don’t have to read it. You just have to find the right audience for your work, and you will. 

Don’t let the worries of what others MIGHT think divert your thoughts. 

Your writing is YOUR writing!

Do what you do. Free your mind. Be happy.