I didn’t mean to. I actually tried to swerve, but I guess it was his fate. I felt horrible, but it brought up some interesting thoughts for me.

Sometimes I tend to over think.

This was one of those times.

A series of life events had to occur in order for the squirrel to have been under my tire at the exact time I ran it over. 

Had I left my drive way one second later, it’d be alive.

Had I played on the internet two seconds longer before I left, it would be alive.

Had I been driving just a bit faster or slower, or had I driven my car on a different street, it’d be alive.

But that’s me and my actions…

What about the squirrel?

What happened in the process of it’s day, placing it in my path at that exact time?

Am I distraught over the squirrel being dead? Not really. I mean, I do feel bad because I love animals, but it made me think about missed opportunities and fate.

How many things happen (or don’t happen) in our lives because of fate?

Whether you actually believe in fate or not, everything in life really does happen for a reason. Everything in our lives we are experiencing now is a result of something else we did, allowing for this current moment to happen.

That “something” could be a bad decision (or a good decision). It could be the choice you made, or didn’t make. It could be conscious, or unconscious, but whatever happened happened because of something you did, or didn’t do.

When something horrible happens, people ask “why did this happen to me”, but do people really ever stop to think about the processes that led up to that moment?

The same goes for when good things happen to someone. What did they do to align themselves with that moment of opportunity?

We have the illusion of free will in our minds, but we are merely reacting to the circumstances of others. Everything everyone else does affects our lives.

Had I experienced an altered moment leading up to the moment the squirrel got splattered, who knows what would have happened. Maybe the next car behind me may have hit it, or another one after that. Maybe I would have been splattered by a dump truck running a red light because of where my circumstance put me. You never know.

Was it meant to be that way?

Whether it was meant to be or not, many things came together for that exact moment.

Think about that…

But don’t over think it, especially while you’re driving. We don’t want anyone, or anything to get splattered.


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