Rather than my usual year end loathing, I figured I would just wish my readers a Happy New Year.

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read my random rants and rampant complaining about how miserable this existence we call life can be.

I probably wouldn’t have much to write about if my life was perfect, so I guess my misery is good for that. Looking back at the year, I can’t say it was totally wasted, but there were plenty of things which could’ve, and should’ve been better.

It is what it is…

Every year we all say the same crap. We’re going to rid ourselves of toxic people and drama, we’re going to work harder to improve ourselves. We’re going to eat better and get in shape. We’re going to redefine our lives. We talk about better jobs, better relationships, and being the change that makes a difference in the world.

How often does that actually happen though?

More often than not, the year ends with the utterance of a few profanities about the failed resolutions we made 365 days prior. As such, I try not to make resolutions (see my article from last January 1st, “The Annual Fight For Optimism“)

Maybe on some future December 31st I’ll be able to write a glowing review of the year with nothing but positive things to say. Unfortunately, once again this is not that year.

But as I said, I’m not going to dwell on this, I’m just going to say “whatever” as I continue to swim upstream. With that, I hope your 2019 was decent, But if it wasn’t, well, you know.

May your 2020 be everything 2019 wasn’t…

I hope you’ll keep reading my posts in 2020 and beyond. If something I wrote made you smile or gave you a giggle, that makes my year, and my life a little better.

Thank you for being a part of my 2019!

~ Marty ~