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Who Is Marty Augustine?

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Marty Augustine - Writer, Author, Entetrtainer

Marty Augustine – Writer / Author / Entertainer

A Little About Me

I’ve lived all around the US, but I call Kansas home now (KC). I’ve been a writer and entertainer for many years. It’s what I do…

Freelance Writing:  I’ve written for numerous newspapers as an editorial columnist and reporter. I’ve also been a content contributor for assorted magazines and social media outlets. Most recently, I’ve created this amazing blog titledThe Secret Life of Pizzawhich features fun, random content meant to entertain and inform.

Books: I’m a published author, with a variety of books available for sale nationally and internationally. My first book, “At Ground Zero”, was an Amazon.com best seller when it was first published in 2011. Since then, I’ve written numerous others, including the popular titlesDisaster Planning Made Easy” and “Storm Safe Kids“, with more books on the way. You can check out my books currently available by clicking here.

Music: Once upon a time (way back in the 90’s), I was a well known DJ personality under the name “Marty Mcfly”. I worked in radio and nightclubs, then as a mobile DJ with the legendary Windy City DJ’s. I later started my own company, Hit Mix USA. After performing at more than a thousand events across the US, I no longer perform live as a DJ, but I do still produce music mix shows for online distribution. You can listen to some of my DJ mix shows by Clicking Here

Comedy: In years past, I’ve dabbled a bit in stand up comedy. Could there be a return to the stage? Stay tuned…

Speaking / Media: I’m a nationally certified safety educator and professional instructor, specializing in disaster preparedness, emergency planning and personal protection. I’ve often been featured on TV, radio and in print media as a disaster subject matter expert, in addition to being a highly requested speaker and consultant on these topics.

As if all the above things weren’t enough, I also have over two decades of experience in the public safety field.

One of the most important things I do is I’m an advocate for suicide prevention and post traumatic stress awareness. I’ve endured some serious bumps on the road of life. I do what I can to keep others from falling into the holes I’ve seen far too often in my own life and those close to me.


A.  Because I’m a pizza connoisseur. And besides, why not?!? My writing is best shared over a slice of pizza. Don’t believe me? Try it and see!

I hope you’ll follow my blog. I hope you actually enjoy what I write also. I may not be getting rich doing what I do, but if I can make at least one person’s day better, even with just a giggle, my job has been done.

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